Create, play,
share and learn
with Ldog: The Club !

Become the best version of yourself and change the world with LDog.Club, and the coolest club in the galaxy!

Our Toy Box:

Here you'll find ...

The magical portal to new adventures, a fulfilling and strong approach for becoming yourself power one thousand, at work, at school, or in your everyday life.

Games !

Fed up with boring and soporific tutorials? Create recreative and fun objects through the “Gamification” of learning.

Knowledge !

Francis Bacon said, “Knowledge is Power!” Become powerful and free thanks to the desire to learn

Action !

Reading, listening to podcasts and watching videos is good. Creating inspiring content yourself is better!

Need Advice?

There are a thousand possibilities to develop and improve your relationship with others, for your hobbies, for your work, or for traveling. I show you another way.

My Books, My Games, My Courses

Inspiring others is also a matter of accomplishment. In my blog, I invite you to see how my life is articulated as an author, creator of “Indies” Video Games, and trainer of access to technology for all


“I sincerely believe that Pascal a.k.a Ldog is the right person to create a platform like this. His goal seems to be to invite you to gain confidence in yourself by carrying out various projects with your computer. “

Amélie B.

My Story


My name is Pascal Barrieu. I promise I will take the time to introduce myself and describe my journey in detail later on. But for now I would like to tell you about my online university: Ldog: The Club!

To put it simply, Ldog: The Club will be more specifically intended for those who want to take action, concretely. Learn, create, invent, play, share etc …

Let me accompany you and you will literally overachieve your goals and fulfill your most unreasonable dreams.

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